Step 1: REgister AS A PATIENT with MMCC

Register with MMCC (Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission) to obtain your MMCC Identification Number & Medical Cannabis ID Card.

1.Submit Application.

Gather Files: Patients must have following documents to register with MMCC:

  • a valid, accessible e-mail.

  • Electronic copy of a valid US government issued photo ID and proof of Maryland address.

  • Last four digits of the patient's Social Security Number.

  • Electronic copy of a clear, recent photo.

    • Please note: In lieu of a recent photo, Hospice patients may submit a letter from the Attending of Hospice Record (AOHR) provider on hospice letterhead

    *MMCC is currently experiencing high volumes of applications, it may take 30-45 days before your application is approved.

    *In the meantime, schedule your appointment with us (step 2).

STEP 2: OBTAIN CERTIFICATION from registered physician.

  • Medical cannabis cannot be purchased without a valid written certification from a provider registered with MMCC.

  • Upon Completing your appointment, we will e-mail your temporary certificate. MMCC ID cards are now required. Be sure to order your MMCC ID card through your MMCC account after receiving your temporary certificate.

    More info about patient ID requirement here


Remember to bring your MMCC ID card with you!

If you have additional questions, visit our “commonly asked questions” page or send us an email here.